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There are many Christian ministers out there who very often forget useful techniques to really drive the message home. One of the biggest mistakes I see is a failure to include Christian Images in their presentations. A lot of these men of faith rightly conclude that the most important thing is to know the word of God and take it into your heart. They believe that a Christian image is just flare and flash ?something that looks spiffy, but ultimately distracts from the message.
The thing that they don't understand is that, for many people, visual images are as powerful or even more powerful than words. Christian images have no truth power in and of themselves ?that is, they can be interpreted in different ways by different people. Nonetheless, when they are used in the proper context, they can really help people see what faith means in a more literal sense than words can. Whether these are devotional posters, Christian clip art images, or charts meant to help illustrate points in a sermon, they will enhance your presentation and help some people who wouldn't automatically hear you to really see the light.
This is especially true in our own culture. Although there may be people in the world who can get by without Christian imagery, in America we need it. We are constantly bombarded by images with no religious content whatsoever. Some of them are even anti-Christian or anti-religious. This teaches us two things. One of them is that we should value entertainment more than faith. The other is that we should value the image more than words. People in our culture have short attention spans and often won't read through a text or listen to a speech, but they will respond to images because they have been trained to respond to images. This is where Christian images can come in handy.
Selecting the best Christian image is, unfortunately, not always that easy. It isn't so much a matter of faith as of media savvy. You need to find something that doesn't just inspire you, but speaks to your church. You also need to understand different learning styles. Visual people respond well to things that are spatially meaningful, so Christian images in the forms of illustrated charts work well for them. Young people respond to flashy images, whereas older people respond to more sedate ones. Don't be afraid to talk in the language of the people you are addressing. The important thing is to tell them the truth, and the truth is the same in every language

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