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Over 10 million children die every year from diseases that are preventable. That means even more children die from incurable diseases caused by malnutrition and even more are severely injured by starvation. An estimated total for the number of people under-fed in the world is 800 million. Obviously child hunger is a problem that can抰 be ignored.
There are many activist organizations that are set up to receive charitable donations and help the less fortunate. They promise that for just a few pennies a day the average workingman in America can contribute to the health of a child.
Donations are said to go directly towards restoring a child back to full health and would include the following specifics among just providing food: supplementing vitamin A deficiencies, oral re-hydration, making prostheses for children who can抰 walk, restoring vision by eye surgery, and HIV testing towards mothers to help stop the spread of AIDS. 
With all the money supposedly being given to help end child hunger, why is there still so much starvation? Usually famine is a problem of food distribution and poverty, not an absolute lack of food to be grown. 
Child hunger can be the unintentional result of government policy. Some repressive governments actually use child hunger as a tool of oppression and in other cases it can be the consequence of civil disorder when food distribution systems began to break down. 
One reason people refuse to give more money to charitable causes is because there is a great deal of skepticism as to whether money梕ven a large amount of donated money梚s really going to be used in the proper way, that is to end child hunger.
While many charities are forthright in their aspirations, occasionally there are some disreputable ones who take advantage of other people抯 desire to help. Furthermore, due to corruption and mismanagement in handling food supplies, there have been times when donated money and food was not properly distributed and it turn none of that money is helping child hunger. Interestingly, an economist by the name of Amartya Sen, a Nobel laureate once observed that no functioning democracy has ever suffered a famine.
For many, the images of child hunger flashing on television screens are just too much to bear, and that is why organizations dedicated to help end this global epidemic continue to collect millions of dollars.
Volunteering donations is an unselfish gift and no one should hold back from doing their best to help end child hunger. What might help is if you are really concerned about dishonest charities or about the way food distribution is handled (after all, sometimes it could be out of the charity抯 hands) is to contact the organization and find out the details of how they operate. Where does your money go, how are food and medical supplies distributed and how soon will I begin to make a difference? Being more informed on the subject can only help. Ignoring the problem will never make a difference.

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