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The delicate balance of raising children and discipline issues
When joyful parents welcome a new baby into their lives, love is everywhere! You haven't yet had an opportunity to sit back and reflect, in real time, just what it takes to be a responsible parent. Being a responsible parent entails teaching your children self discipline, which can be a road fraught with headaches and frantic calls to family and friends. 揥hy is she sitting in the middle of the floor, pounding her fists and crying to stop the band? All I said was no to a cookie!?Ah, it's about as this point that you realize that you've got to have a discipline strategy that works, serves to ease your child into the real world and keeps your child in a loving cloud of parental comfort. Hey, has someone written a book on this?
When it comes to children and discipline issues, you've got to get a jump on the discipline side, beginning at an early age. This doesn't mean babies and infants. Such young ones will benefit from lots of love, hugs and kisses; forming that close bond early, with no negative impact or feedback, goes a long way towards a more rationale relationship once your little angel reaches the 'terrible twos'.
When your baby is still, just a baby, dependent on you for everything, the looming issue of children and discipline doesn't appear above your radar. You're enjoying the moment, which is as it should be. However, you do need to think into the future. Once your little angel discovers his or her own power over his environment ?and you ?you either need to have taken steps to learn about child development stages, along with the inevitable children and discipline questions, or get to the library or book store for some fast counsel!
There's really no need to panic, should you find yourself unprepared. You've been able to savor that unique period of a child's life, where discipline has no place. It's when they start spreading their wings, in ways that they can be injured, or socially impaired, that it's time for you to step in and take on your responsibilities.
Integrating raising children and discipline strategies is not an easy task. There's no pat formula. Every child is different. The shy temperament requires a different approach from the gregarious, life of the party kid.
Raising children and discipline strategies amount to an art. It's a delicate balance. While one of your kids night fight you, tooth and nail, over a cookie, another child might not give any indication of unhappiness until several hours later, when you're caught off guard and have no idea as to what the problem is.
Here's the good news. Raising children and discipline lessons, fit together like two peas in a pod. While you may be the only one who knows this to be a fact now, your kids will reap the benefits of your discipline training throughout their lives.
Nobody wants to be the 'black hat', the one who instills their love of their children and discipline all in one shot. Buck up, Mom and Dad. It's a delicate balance, no question about it.

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