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Foreign adoption has gotten a lot of publicity due to the recent trend of celebrities adopting children from abroad. There抯 Angelina Jolie with Maddox and co., Madonna and David Banda, Meg Ryan and Daisy and more. These celebrity adopted children are a source of fascination and information to the public. It brings more press to celebrity parents, provides people with celebrity gossip fodder, and raises awareness of foreign children who need a home.
Some would see this as a positive development. More celebrities adopting foreign children means that more orphans have somewhere to live, and somewhere comfortable at that. In turn, celebrity foreign adoption can influence ordinary citizens to adopt internationally as well. Adopting parents have a rewarding experience raising a child from another country, the child they adopt gets to enjoy a better life, and the witnessing public can vicariously experience the joys of foreign adoption by observing their favorite Hollywood stars. It抯 a beneficial situation for everyone involved.
However, others would view foreign adoption in a more negative light, celebrity foreign adoption in particular. They抮e dismayed that foreign adoption takes precedence over domestic adoption. Why is everyone rushing to adopt children from other countries when there are so many children to adopt in our own? The fact that many celebrities are beginning to adopt foreign children entertains the possibility of foreign adoption becoming a fad that minimizes adoption itself. An extreme outlook on celebrity foreign adoption would be to compare it to picking up souvenirs from different countries, as if foreign children were accessories. Foreign adoption becomes glamorous because it抯 exotic and famous people are doing it, not because of an honest desire to adopt.
This raises an issue: is the sentiment behind a charitable act relevant? Does it really matter that celebrity influence might be responsible for foreign adoption as long as in the end, children are getting a home? Maybe it depends on how serious the parents are about adoption. Take a couple who wanted to adopt, and after watching Angelina Jolie adopt Pax Thien, they decide to adopt their own child from Vietnam. If they raise their child willingly and lovingly, then what抯 the harm in that? It seems dubious that a couple who didn抰 really want to adopt a foreign child would go adopt one just because a celebrity did, because it抯 a big commitment and responsibility. Still, people can抰 always be trusted to make rational decisions.
Another issue is whether foreign adoption really benefits the child involved. It might be incredulous to think that life in a developed country wouldn抰 be better than life in a third world nation, but a comfortable life style might not be all it seems. For example, celebrity life is seen as being as comfortable as you can get, but it抯 also quite difficult having little to no privacy and constantly being followed by paparazzi.
Whether foreign adoption is 揼ood?or not, the real issue in question is whether it抯 the best thing for the child that抯 getting adopted. The heart of adoption is that it makes a difference in a child抯 life.

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