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Having a baby often means a baby shower or two to help new parents get what they need to care for their new baby. There are many great ideas that you can use when choosing a gift for such an occasion, but not every thing you get has to be for the new baby. If you wish, you can also get something for the new mom and dad. When you do this, the parents often feel as if they are more a part of the celebration than just the new baby. It is easy to feel as if the baby is the end all of everything, but the new and excited parents are important too.
One of the best gift ideas for new parents is to give them some free time with their baby when the baby first comes home from the hospital. You may have visited with them there and saw the new baby, but they may not yet have had a lot of time to bond with their new addition. When they get home, you can feel free to go see the new parents, but do not focus on and hover over the baby. Instead, see what they need done otherwise. Do dishes, cook meals, and do some light housecleaning or laundry so they do not have to think about it. They will love you for it. Give them free time with the baby and you have given the perfect gift.
You can also give new parents something that they can use once they are settled in at home with the new baby. They may not want to go out and leave the baby with someone right away, so think about what they can do at home as a couple. Give them certificates to rent DVDs and perhaps a gift basket with some snacks they can enjoy while watching a movie together. New parents may not make it through an entire movie without interruption at first, but they will love that they can snuggle together for even just an hour while baby naps to enjoy some time together.
Later, after baby has grown and the new parents have had a lot of time at home, you may want to give them some time to go out to dinner or perhaps the movies. That is when you get to be with the baby and give them a great gift at the same time. Offer to babysit for them, but let them know the offer is open when they are ready. Each set of new parents has a different time line for when they feel comfortable leaving their baby for the first time. Be prepared to have them call you very often when they are out, and be very calm and happy when they do. That will make them feel at ease.
Other gifts for new parents that you can consider might be things like a bottle of wine or something else that is adult in nature. They may not drink it for a while, but there may come a night when they break it out for some celebration or just because they can. You know the new mom and dad best, so think about who they are as people and what they like to do other than think about their baby. They will love that you thought of them as a person and not just as the parents that they have become.

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