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There is not more important job in the world than the job of a parent. We expect men and women all over to, without any experience, raise a child for eighteen or more years and turn an infant into a functioning, happy and productive member of society. Most people only know about parenting from the parenting they themselves received as a child. This makes no sense - how many among us can say we had a great childhood? Even if you could, there certainly is room for improvement. This is no slam on our parents; they did the best they could in most cases. However, the resources now exist to understand and apply more information about parenting than ever before. Here are a couple of tips and suggestions about parenting that will help.
One of the most important things about parenting is patience. This is not a new concept, and if you were to ask your parents, they would probably agree. But the thing about parenting patience, is that it is generally misunderstood. The key to raising a child is to increase his or her ability to think for him- or herself. But therein lies a paradox: how do you teach some how to think for themselves? Unfortunately, the only way is through trial and error (with a couple of bits of advice and instruction along the way). In other words, the key to parenting is in allowing your child to make their own choices.
Of course, letting children make their own choices is a difficult and, at times, dangerous philosophy. This is where patience comes in. The thing about parenting in this way is that it is inevitable that your child will make mistakes (often to your chagrin or disappointment). This is not only natural, it is preferable. It is highly unlikely that your child is the first perfect person in the history of the world. In other words, it is just as important that your child learn what to do after they make a wrong choice as it is that they make the right choice. You can see how using this parenting philosophy is tough, but will reap excellent rewards down the road.
No one has the complete and total answer about parenting yet. Psychologists and developmental physicians understand more about parenting than every before, but there is still a lot of work to do. But the choices you make now about parenting styles will have a profound impact for years to come.

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