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I have been working with gifted and talented children for about a decade now, and in that time I've learned quite a few things about the way young gifted children think. Most people have stereotypes about young and gifted children which come from Hollywood, stories they've heard, and other sources which aren't always accurate. Not every young gifted child is a virtuoso, a misfit, a nerd, physically inept, or scrawny. In some sense however, young gifted children are all outsiders. They see things in different ways than other people see them, and this makes growing up a much more task for them. In the long run, however, it is well worth it.
One of the most important things to realize about young gifted children is that you have to forget your preconceptions and just work on being a good parent. In certain ways, gifted kids require the same things everyone else does. Whether or not your child is categorized as 揼ifted,?he or she needs to be able to explore the world around him or her and grow at an appropriate pace. Both ordinary and gifted kids need to be encouraged to try out art, science, math, literature, sports, and many other sorts of activities. The important thing is for all kids to be given the opportunity to excel at what they are good at.
Then again, there are some important exceptions with young gifted education. When you are teaching talented and gifted children, you really do need to make special allowances For their unique needs. There is no one type of young gifted child, so you need to be able work one-on-one to figure out what the kid needs. Some young gifted children, excel In mathematics, science, history, or other academics topics. Others are especially creative and have talents they need to develop in creative writing, music, or art. Others may have great spatial reasoning skills or even excellent athletic abilities. As a parent or teacher, you have to work with each to find out how best to meet their needs. They may have to take after school classes at some sort of enrichment program, or lessons from a really competent instructor in a particular musical instrument.
With virtuoso kids, it's especially difficult. Early on, a parent has to make a decision about how seriously to take the virtuosity. Some young gifted children end up making piano, violin, or some other musical instrument the center of their lives. As a result, they dedicate huge amount of time to pursuing this one activity. This may be a good idea for some kids, but for others it can be devastating. You have to talk to  them and explain the sacrifices that will be asked of them. Find out if they think it is worth it before making them commit full-time to studying music.

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