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Intent on losing weight and getting trim and fit? Get a dance workout DVD!
Unless you're very active, or have those hereditary 'thin' genes, it's an unfortunate fact that most of us, men and women alike, begin to gain pounds and inches in all the wrong places.
Your doctor may offer a vague reprimand, delivered with a 揟ch-tch!? after weighing you and taking your blood pressure. 揧ou really need to think about getting more exercise. If you don't take steps now, it will catch up with you later.?End of lecture ?until your next visit. You leave the doc's office, feeling anxious and fearful. While you know the doc is right, you immediately begin rationalizing. 揑 loathe sports. I don't have a bike. I can't afford a gym membership. When am I supposed to have the time to exercise??Days and weeks pass and nothing happens. While these rationalizations might have some legitimacy, you still need to engage in some exercise for the good of your own future health.
A dance workout DVD may be the perfect solution for the most stalwart couch potato. Remember when you were young, not overweight and had the energy to dance the night away? You may no longer be that slim teen of yesteryear, nor have the energy to dance for hours. The good news is that with a dance workout DVD, you don't have to have unlimited energy. There are countless benefits to this type of workout routine. Before we get in to the benefits, be sure to clear this activity with your health practitioner to be sure it's safe for you.
Unlike many other forms of exercise, the dance workout DVD routines burn a ton of calories, while getting you in great shape. These dance workouts are carefully choreographed to give you a full workout. You'll use muscles you forgot you had!
Your only expense is the cost of the dance workout DVD. It's reusable as well! You can start and stop as you wish. If you're exhausted at the end of a section, just stop the music. Start it up again when you're up for more dancing!
Another important advantage of the dance workout DVD is that you do your workout in private quarters. No audience, as you'd find at the gym. No driving to the gym, using precious gas to get there, no changing clothes and hauling that duffel bag around. No wasted time or resources.
Most of the dance workout DVDs start out slow and incrementally pick up the pace. By the end of the first complete playing, you may feel this DVD was made for pros! Remember, this isn't intended to be grueling torment. The choreographers have constructed the workout to be interruptible, by you. It should be emphasized that you should continue just until you've got a sweat going, but not until you're ready to keel over from the effort.
Another great feature of these workout DVDs is that you can repeat sections that focus on your body's particular nemesis.
If your tush is a tad too wide for your liking and your thighs could use some toning, emphasize those sections designed to address those problems. This helps you trim down the worst offenders, while building strength and energy. Next time you try on those pants which were a bit too tight, they'll be looking more like your new size. That's encouraging! You'll be motivated to continue.
Sooner or later, so long as you stick to a daily dose of your dance workout DVD, you'll be able to go through the entire routine. Once you've got the routine down, multi-task! Turn on your DVD while vacuuming or folding clothes. Hey, why not?
This workout is no fashion show. An old tee and a pair of loose fitting shorts are fine. When you're done, hop in the shower and toss the clothes in the hamper. Thank your lucky stars for your improved dimensions, courtesy of the dance workout DVD you got as a last resort to assuage your guilt. Tell your doctor to recommend this exercise to other people in the same boat!

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