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I always had a sleeping bag when I was young, and though we rarely went camping, I always found a good use for . These were always something that my brother and I both used for just about anything we could imagine. Though some are made for outdoors, most children抯 sleeping bags are made just for the fun of , and aren抰 necessarily overly warm or waterproof. Most children love to have them, even if they never sleep out in the woods or a park with the family.
We used our sleeping bag in and out of the house. When outside, we would often pin them over a line and make a tent to sleep in. there were nights we would sleep in the tent, and our neighborhood was safe enough for us to do this. Sometimes we would use just the sleeping bags with the ends of the tent open. That was usually when  was very hot. Other times, when  was cooler out, we would pin a blanket on each end to add a ltle more warmth and protection from the wind.
My sleeping bag often had my favore character on them. I remember having a pink one with some sort of princess, though I was more of a tomboy than anything. My brother had a few with different characters as well, though later in live the ones my mom bought for my youngest brother were plain colors. You can still find both today, though some of them have different things than I had when I was a kid. We had ties to roll the sleeping bag, but we never had small bags to carry them in.
When buying a sleeping bag, think about what they will be used for. You don抰 have to get anything special if you aren抰 a family known for taking camping trips. For a sleeping bag that will be used in the house or even outside in the yard, the build should be sturdy, but might not have to be made to whstand arctic temperatures or a heavy downpour. They will be more for fun in those cases, and children often love to have them. They are even great to take when going for sleepovers with friends or to a relatives house for the night or for a weekend away from home. Taking something from home to sleep in can be comforting for a child who doesn抰 stay elsewhere very often.

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