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Looking for a canine friend to welcome into your life? Adopt a puppy from the shelter!
IMHO, dogs are perhaps the most entertaining and lovable creatures around. All dogs are cute, loyal, curious and sensitive friends to mankind. Some people decide that they must have a thoroughbred dog, preferably with papers. Off they go, searching through the classifieds and pet shops for that paragon of a dog. While I like thoroughbreds too, I find that a visit to a pet shelter tugs at my heartstrings. Most often, these dogs aren't thoroughbreds, but what we commonly refer to as 'mutts', a mix of breeds. To my mind, these mutts are the best!
Thoroughbred dogs can be high strung and neurotic, albeit a perfect show pet. This can be a concern if you're looking for a family pet that's good with kids and isn't overly aggressive. On the other hand, when you adopt a puppy from the animal shelter, you've got dozens of absolutely unique and adorable personalities to choose from. Another factor to consider is that, while the 'fancy' puppies in the pet shops and from dog breeders advertising in the classifieds will always find a buyer and will never end up in a shelter, shelter puppies are in danger of being put down if they don't find a home. Of course, the shelter dog is not aware of his or her impending doom, but you are! When you adopt a puppy, you're literally saving his life!
This reminds me of the Disney classic, 'Lady and the Tramp'. Tramp was the pirate, the adventurer, full of fun, daring and with personality to burn. When Tramp and his friends stole some sausages from the butcher, where did they end up? In the pound. Fortunately, he was broken out and escaped his otherwise inevitable fate. In the end, the family of thoroughbred Lady 'adopted' Tramp and they all lived happily ever after. Now how cute were their puppies? When you adopt a puppy from the shelter, you're giving a big thumbs up to the puppies borne by Lady!
Mixed breed puppies are typically more stable in temperament, easier to train and housebreak and are as loyal and loving as a dog can be. Like Tramp, they're not encumbered with genetic flaws that might make them a less than perfect pet.
When you choose to adopt a puppy from the pound, it might be likened to choosing between a $8000 designer dress and a consignment shop retro costume. Which is more interesting? The designer number looks good in front of the paparazzi, but the retro costume has charisma!
If you're not yet convinced to adopt a puppy from the shelter, consider this: that thoroughbred puppy is going to cost you big time. The shelter puppy can become a member of your family for a virtual song. Besides, he's just so darned cute, he's irresistible. When you're looking for a canine companion, go to the animal shelter first. I bet you won't leave before you adopt a puppy.

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