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If your cat is starting to have diarrhea, it can be a significant concern. Signs that your cat is having diarrhea are loose stools, bad smell, fever, change in appetite, abdominal pain, weight loss, dehydration, vomiting, blood or mucus in feces, and excessive cleaning of the bottom. The diarrhea itself is pretty hard to miss but you should watch out for your cat抯 behavior and physical condition as well. Diarrhea is not too uncommon of a condition, but if it persists it can pose a serious life threat. Cat diarrhea is a symptom that can be attributed to a variety of reasons, ranging from an upset stomach to feline leukemia. When your cat has diarrhea, it抯 losing water and electrolytes, which are important for regulating hydration in the body. It抯 an obvious cause of discomfort to your cat, and it抯 not so pleasant to clean up, so cat diarrhea should be addressed quickly.
There are different causes of cat diarrhea. Sometimes it can be due to a simple change in diet or consumption of bad or indigestible food. Other times it can happen because of shock or stress brought on by events like a change of scenery or the introduction of a new pet. These are less serious causes of cat diarrhea and if any of these happens to be the case, it should go away in a few days. Your cat will eventually adjust to any changes and hopefully you can prevent your cat from eating anything bad by having it adhere to a standard, healthy diet. Your cat is likely to experience diarrhea sometime in the period of your ownership so a simple case is nothing to get worked up about.
However, in more serious cases cat diarrhea can be a sign of intestinal viruses, inflammatory bowel disease, feline leukemia, fungal/bacterial infections, pancreatic disease, hyperthyroidism, bowel/intestinal cancer and feline immunodeficiency virus. There can also be other reasons that your cat is having diarrhea. If the issue is more than just an upset stomach, your cat might need veterinary intervention.
Vets will almost always tell you to come into the clinic so that you can be sure that your cat is okay, but trips to the vet can be extremely expensive, so it抯 best to take your cat if the diarrhea persists longer than normal, or if there is blood in the feces. Otherwise, the issue should resolve itself in time and it抯 not too much to worry about.

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