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To say cleaning cat urine is not much fun, is like saying that the arctic ocean is a bit chilly. As the owner of three cats, including a young one which has yet to learn to control its bladder and an old one which has forgotten how, I'll tell you: cleaning cat urine is the pits. It's hands down the worst part of my day to clean cat urine, unless I am having a terribly bad day, with the boss yelling me, a fight with my girlfriend, and perhaps a stabbing or car crash on the way home. Otherwise, what I really dread is the rancid smell with which my cats have inevitably filled my house by the time I arrive in the evening.
There are some things that will make cleaning cat urine a bit more bearable, but there is nothing that will make it fun. I like to use Oxiclean, or some comparable product, since I am at the disadvantage of having carpets. In my previous apartment, cleaning cat urine was easy, because all I'd have to do was to get a mop and some lysol. You see, the floors were all easy to clean tile, so there was nothing to cleaning cat urine up neat as you please.
Despite the joys of cleaning cat urine, I still love my cats a lot, though, and make no mistake about that. My little one, Furrball, is the cutest little snuggums which you ever laid your eyes on. He's spindly and playful, stumbling around joyously battling at shoelaces of sniffing around at any insects that get into the apartment.
And he is good at getting into things himself, that Furrball. Why, one time I found him in my clothes drawer and my clothes drawer was closed! To this day, I can't figure out how he could have gotten in to there, never the less, I was putting on my socks one morning and there he was, as plain as the day is long. I'll tell you, there's no end to the mischief that these cats will make. Even the old one, Tiger, still gives me a run for my money sometimes, hiding under the sofa and then sneaking out to rub against my feet at the one moment when it will startle me ?right when I'm putting on my slippers in the morning. If I didn't love them so much, these cats would drive me crazy.

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