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I enjoy spending time sitting out on my back deck, soaking up the beautiful sights and sounds of nature. The deck faces to the west, so I often settle into my favorite lounge chair just in time to see the sunset. While out there, I bring my binoculars to take a peep at the squirrels, chipmunks, jackrabbits, birds, and other critters that regularly roam though my backyard, exploring every nook and cranny for food or new hiding places. I want to encourage these animals to come around, so I'm putting various feeders and wooden bird houses all around.
I'm starting with wooden bird houses because those are the easiest for me to set up. I have several tall oak trees around the yard, and 20 feet beyond my property line there's a large wooded area separating this unincorporated area from the town limits. So I get lots of winged visitors such as finches, robins, sparrows, blue jays, and the occasional cardinal or woodpecker. I've been reading up on these different varieties, and am trying to select shelters that they would find attractive in the hopes of getting them to come around more often. Thus far, I'm having pretty good luck.
I've been purchasing wooden bird houses online a few at a time. I've found a couple of great lawn & garden supply stores that carry a vast selection of these items at very low prices. I suppose if I had a single DIY bone in my body, I'd be able to construct a few wooden bird houses on my own, but as that's not the case, I'm perfectly content to buy what I need.
At any rate, I've been experimenting with placing each house at different locations in an effort to determine which ones are ideal. For instance, some of the birds prefer it when the house is high up in a tree, while others like a lower location. Some like the wooden bird houses to be relatively out in the open; others want it to be hidden in the branches. It's actually rather interesting to watch how this all plays out.
In addition to these wooden bird houses, I've been scattering rabbit food, lettuce, carrots, nuts, bread crumbs, and other tasty morsels all over the yard to try to entice some other critters to come on in. I don't have a garden or any pets to worry about, so I don't mind these furry invaders in the least. They're fun to watch, and I love the company.
All in all, I have to say that these decorative wooden bird houses and feeders have been a wonderful addition to my backyard. They look terrific, attract interesting wildlife, and serve an excellent purpose. I'm definitely going to keep buying more and more!

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