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When my daughter asked for a pet about a year ago, I thought it was a great idea. She had demonstrated that she was responsible enough to handle the obligation, and anyway I thought that our family could use a pet. I had assumed we would get something conventional like a dog or a cat. I had even contemplated a goldfish although I don't personally find them very interesting. When she asked for domestic rabbits, however, I was a little bit taken aback.
You see, domestic rabbits are a lot of work to care for. They can be good pets, but they can also be sort of difficult. The big problem is that rabbits are rodents. They like to dig in things, they like to chew on things, and they frighten easily. Having a domestic rabbit requires you to have a large area for them to hang out in. It also means that you have to make sure that all power cords are kept out of the way. Otherwise, you'll end up with one fried bunny and a possible electrical fire.
Still, I thought it was worth thinking about. I had always sort of wanted a pet rabbit when I was growing up, and so I knew what my daughter was going through. We actually had a housekeeper at the time who had had domestic rabbit's when she was young. It had been a little bit different because they have lived in a farm, but it was still the same pet. She knew about how to care for them, and gave us a few tips. By the time she had explained it all, it seemed like something we could do.
We built an outdoor hutch for the domestic rabbits. It was pretty easy. We had a lot of scrap wood sitting around from another project, and so we were able to nail that together. It took about 10 hours to pick up supplies, plan it out, cut the wood, and put it all together. By the time we were done, we had a hunch suitable for several animals to occupy at the same time. I was pretty proud of it. It was definitely a good bit of workmanship.
We decided on getting small domestic rabbits. We bought a couple rex rabbits. They are very tame and sweet, and also very small. This makes it much easier to take care of them than other pet bunnies. All in all, they have made excellent pets.

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