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Now that I'm retired, I plan on traveling a lot. I'm not going to go so far as to buy a huge motor home and essentially live out on the road for months at a time, but I do plan on logging hundreds of miles behind the wheel. Driving to the various destinations on my list of must-see places is not only more economical than flying, but will also give me a chance to go on last-minute detours if I come across anything interesting. Plus, it's easier to bring my dogs along with me -- provided I can find pet friendly hotels to stay at along the way.
I know some people think that traveling with pets is a hassle, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I would just be too lonely if I didn't have my pooches keeping me company 24/7. Besides, I just don't think I'd be able to enjoy a vacation knowing they were locked up in a boarding kennel somewhere back home. Dogs love the open road just as much as people do, and now that there are more and more pet friendly hotels popping up, I can bring them along.
Still, vacationing with dogs takes quite a bit more planning than doing it solo. For instance, I can't take it for granted that I'll find pet friendly hotels all along my route, so I have to search the Internet first. Before I even get in the car, I calculate how many miles I think I can put in per day, and then try to find pet friendly hotels in the area I expect to end up in. Then I book a room, and repeat the process for every other stop on my upcoming journey.
I also call each of the pet friendly hotels I'll be staying at to make sure that their policies haven't changed. It would be a big mistake to rely on an old travel guide or website with outdated information, as many lodging houses regularly revise their policies based on guest feedback. So just because a particular hotel accepted dogs three years ago, that doesn't mean they still do so today.
And remember to ask about extra fees prior to booking your rooms. Most pet friendly hotels charge something like $20 to $30 per animal, usually depending on size or other variables. I always like to know exactly what I'm getting into up front so I can make sure I have enough cash to cover all my expenses.
If you feel the same way I do about bringing your four-legged companions wherever you go, then finding pet friendly hotels for your next vacation is an absolute must. Check out a few online guides or grab a relevant reference book from Barnes & Noble before you embark on your next journey. Your furry friends will love you for it!

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