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20 questions is a popular term used in American culture. It is usually used it one of two ways. Either someone, when feeling interrogated will say, "What's with the 20 questions?" or, people will play a game called 20 questions.
American society is highly individualistic. People like to share feelings, thoughts and emotions when they choose to and do not like to be hassled or probed for information.  When asked sequential questions about an event, situation or circumstance, some people feel trapped and will refer to the 20 questions reference.
It has been said that 20 questions is the amount of questions where, depending on what is asked, people can gauge what the situation is. The answers from 20 questions can supply enough information to satisfy the inquisitor.
The popular game, 20 questions, is an online game, a board game and a game show on television. People enjoy playing or watching the game because it is hard to predict what kind of questions it will include. Classic 20 questions material is commonly played but there is now a plethora of topics available that get people more excited about the game.
The topics can include: Movies, TV, The Simpsons, Harry Potter, People, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Disney, Old Testament, Music, etc. To play, a player will think of an animal, vegetable, mineral, other or unknown. Another player will then ask up to 20 questions regarding whatever the player is thinking of. For example, I may be thinking of an artichoke. I would say it was a vegetable. Then I might be asked if it has to do with salad. It doesn't, so I would say "no". Then I might be asked if it is round or if it comes from trees or if I would eat its fruits. I would continue answering with yes, no, unknown, irrelevant, sometimes, probably or doubtful until the other player can guess that I am thinking of an artichoke.
The game is wonderful because it can be played by anyone who knows how to ask questions. When you play, you realize that when receiving accurate answers, 20 questions really is a lot to be able to ask. There is now a blog written about 20 questions on This is for people to find out about updates for the beloved game.  20 questions is also available to purchase online, in big box stores, toy stores and grocery store. 

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