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When I was a kid, we had a pet German Shepherd that I was absolutely in love with. His name was Hans, and he was probably the best dog I've ever seen. He was loyal, smart, and also quite playful. Most German shepherds are little bit serious in nature because they are herd dogs. They like to be given a task, and when they aren't they get unhappy. Hans was different. Although he loved to play fetch or show off his ability to do different tricks, he had a lot of fun no matter what we were doing. We could be wrestling, playing tag, or whatever. It didn't matter. My German Shepherd always seemed to be enjoying himself.
I hadn't thought about my pet dog for years when one day, I walked into my daughter's room. Apparently, she had downloaded a virtual pet German Shepherd online. When asked her why, she told me that she had always wanted to have a puppy of her own. In that house, we didn't really have any pets. Until recently, we had lived in a small apartment where the landlord forbid us from having pets of any sort, and we still had not made the adjustment to having our own house.
When I found out that she was excited about a pet dog, however, I immediately took her out to look at German Shepherds. I admit that it was pretty impulsive, but it seemed like such a perfect idea. It actually turned out to be. The German Shepherd we found in the shop was the spitting image of Hans. I have never seen two dogs so alike. Granted, many of them look quite similar, but even so this pet dog was all but identical. His muzzle, his size, and even his temperament were similar.
We got the German Shepherd that very day and took it home with us after filling out some forms. He was actually a shepherd puppy, and was very playful. He was going through a teething phase, so it was a little bit of a hassle. It took a lot of training before we were able to rein him in. In a couple weeks, however, the German Shepherd was actually starting to learn a few basics stunts and tricks. Pretty soon, he would show off by being able to follow a whole litany of commands. It was heartwarming to watch my daughter's joy As she watched her pet grow up.

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