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Your dog is a member of your family. If they were to get sick, you would want to do all that you could to make sure they recover and live a long, healthy life with you and your family. Dogs, much like any other pet, have problems that are not often obvious. However, the dog health symptoms are always there. Some things are huge, and other things are not that easy to see. Here are some of the symptoms that can mean trouble, but might not be things that you notice right away.
The eyes are the windows to the soul, as some say, but they are also clues to poor health in some cases. You probably spend a lot of time looking at your dogs eyes, but you may not notice the subtle dog health symptoms that can occur. The eyes should be bright and clear, and even a bit moist. If you notice that your dog抯 eyes appear to be cloudy, dull, and watering more than usual, you may want to see if there are any other dog health symptoms that may go along with what you see happening in the eyes. The small eye changes can lead you to notice other things.
Interests and energy levels are also signs of dog health symptoms that can point to a problem. If a sudden drop in energy were to happen, you would know it right away. However, it does not always happen that way. Some changes in these things in regards to dog health symptoms can happen very slowly. Always think about what your dog loves to do, and keep an eye on any changes that you see so that you know if it is a momentary thing, or if the health seems to be on a slow decline. Once you see something of concern, talk with your veterinarian right away.
Other small dog health symptoms include things like minor changes in personality and temperament. If your dog is normally very calm with children, but you suddenly hear them growl at a child for what seems like no reason, there may be something bothering the dog in the way of health. You may also notice that your dog starts doing new things that they have never done before, and that, combined with other dog health symptoms, can indicate that something needs attention. It抯 not always easy to see the small things, but they can be early signs of trouble.

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