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I did not really realize what a problem my dogs barking was until I started getting complaints from the neighbors. Soon, it came down to an ultimatum. I either had to stop my dog from barking or face a costly fine from the city council. Our neighborhood is pretty strict about things like that. They won't let you grow your grass too long, keep your house in bad repair, or even use colors to paint that your neighbors don't like very much. Learning to stop my dog from barking was in the long run going to be necessary if I even wanted to keep living there. After all, people wouldn't put up with it anymore.
I knew that I had to get a stop barking collar, but I wasn't sure of what sort to get. I wanted to stop my dog from barking, but I didn't want to make her any more uncomfortable than necessary. At the same time, I didn't want to use a weak or ineffective dog training collar that wouldn't work very quickly. Nonetheless, I decided to try out citronella before I used an electric shock collar. I figured that citronella would be a more humane way to stop a dog from barking than the shock collar, and would still probably work.
The effect was pretty sudden and pretty funny. My dog would bark a few times, then get a dose of citronella right in the nose. She would get this confused look on her face and wander around, snorting for a few minutes. It definitely cut down the noise, but it didn't seem to be enough. I know that for some dogs citronella works well, but it wasn't adequate to stop my dog from barking. I had an unusually stubborn dog, and she was willing to put up with frequent blasts of citronella and still keep making a racket. Granted, she barked much less because the citronella smell would confuse her, but she was still making more sound than the neighbors would tolerate.
I decided that I needed an electric shock collar to stop my dog from barking. I decided to try an adjustable one. I figured that in that case, I could use the smallest possible shock to stop my dog from barking and avoid having to subject her to higher powered, more painful jolts. She absolutely hated it, but it did be the trick. She would bark once, yelp, and then shut up. Soon, she just wouldn't bark anymore. After only a week or two, I was able to completely remove the collar and never use it again. I had managed to successfully stop my dog from barking for good.

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